Dynamo Subdiv

Subdiv settings

The "Dynamo Subdiv" modifier is analogous to the TurboSmooth or OpenSubdiv modifiers but designed to work on triangular meshes instead of quads.

Result with Dynamo Subdiv Result with TurboSmooth
Dynamo Subdiv TurboSmooth

The images below show the Dynamo Subdiv modifier and the TurboSmooth modifier applied to a mesh consisting of triangles. The Dynamo Subdiv modifier produces a smoother result and a more regular tesselation.

The parameters of the Dynamo Subdiv modifier are similar to those found on the TurboSmooth and OpenSubdiv modifiers.


The number of times the subdivision should be repeated. For instance, a value of 2 gives the same result as adding the modifier to the modifier stack twice. For each iteration, the number of triangles in the mesh increases by a factor of 4.

Smooth Sesult

Makes the resulting mesh smooth by applying smoothing group 0 to all faces.

Isoline Display

Displays only the edges of the original (triangulated) mesh in wireframe-mode. If this option is not checked, all edges of the subdivided mesh will be visible.