Using Seams

In this guide, we will set up a basic object that uses seams to stitch together two pieces. We will create a very simple pillow to show the concept.

Building the scene

To get started, create a box with the following properties.

  • Length = 50 cm
  • Width = 25 cm
  • Height = 25 cm
  • Length Segs = 32
  • Width Segs = 32
  • Height Segs = 1

Then, after adding a Dynamo modifier to the box your scene should look like the image below. The edges on the sides of the box will later be our seams.

Initial scene
The object that will become our pillow.

Assigning seams

Seams panel

Now, enter seams mode by pressing Seams in the Sub objects rollup. Select the edges on the side of the box (the edges not on the top or bottom of the box). Assign the edges as seams by pressing Set. The assigned seams should now be highlighted in yellow, as shown in the image below.

Seams Mode
The box when in Seams mode
Assigned seams
The box with assigned seams

Press Bake in the simulation rollup to run the simulation. During baking, the seams will first be solved. Once this is done gravity will ease in and the pillow will fall to the floor.

Sim panel

Animation with seams, frame 10 Animation with seams, frame 100
The simulation at frame 10 The simulation at frame 100

We have now simulated an object with seams.


In this guide we used the sides of the box as seams. In other use cases you might have a garment split into different patches, to assign seams between these patches you will have to create edges between the two patches first. This can be done in 3ds Max by using the "Edit Poly" Modifer, attaching the two patches and bridging the edge-loop vertecies of the two patches.


When we started the simulation, the object was first frozen in space as the seams were settled. We can do this settling beforehand and start baking from this state directly.

  1. Find a place in the timeline where the object is settled and in a state you want to start baking from.
  2. Under the Save States rollup press Save.
  3. Go back to your starting frame, select your new save state and press Load.
  4. Uncheck Pre-solve seams under Other Options in the Solver rollup and press Bake.

The object now starts simulating directly from the settled state.

Adding Volume

As a bonus, we can add some volume to the pillow by using the pressure option.

Activate the pressure option in the Dynamo Modifier. The pressure value is a factor on how much to inflate the object. Let's try a value of 1.5. Pressing Bake gives us this result:

Pillow with pressure
Simulation with seams and pressure at frame 100

This concludes the guide on seams.