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General issues

The provided scenes do not work

If the provided scenes do not work, your hardware/software setup might not be supported. First verify that your operating system is Windows and that your computer has a CUDA-capable NVIDIA graphics card. If you are running Windows but do not have a CUDA-capable NVIDIA graphics card, you may try the CPU version of the plugin. To switch to the CPU version, open the file "deform_config.xml" and change the value of "computation-type" to CPU_MULTI.

My simulated objects look weird when using temporal anti-aliasing

This is due to Unity not recalculating the motion vectors when using a mesh filter. Try using a Skinned Mesh Renderer for the rendering of the simulated objects. The Deform Body component supports both.

Runtime issues

The simulated objects are static when I press play

Make sure that your scene contains a Deform Manager.

My simulated objects get a force that they shouldn't

First, make sure that the gravity and wind forces in the Deform Manager are correct. If the problem persists, try disabling the self collisions in the Deform Manager. If this solves the issue, but you still want self collisions, you might have to modify the mesh you are trying to simulate to contain more uniform triangles or tetrahedra.

The colliders aren't affecting my simulated objects

Make sure that you use the Deform Colliders and not the Unity specific colliders. The simulated objects will only be affected by the Deform Colliders provided by the plugin.

My simulated objects aren't affecting my colliders

Currently, the physics engine does not support two-way interaction between the deformable objects and the colliders.

When using a plane collider, my simulated objects are disappearing

The Deform Collider Plane creates a plane collider where there is one valid side and one invalid side. If the simulated object is spawned or displaced below the plane, it will recieve a very large force, displacing it in the other direction. This might seem as the object disappearing. Make sure that the planes normal is in the correct direction, by rotating the plane collider.

My simulated object is falling apart when simulating

Make sure that your mesh is correctly connected by edges and triangles. If there are disconnected parts of the mesh, it will not create constraints between these parts. When importing a mesh with UV seams into Unity, the vertices along the seams automatically gets splitted. The way to mitigate this is to enable the option Merge close vertices in the Deform Body.

I can't interact with my Deform Body

In order to enable mouse interaction with deformable objects, a Deform Picking script must be added to the GameObject containing the Deform Body.

Editor issues

The Unity editor is complaining about deprecated or missing functions

Unity might have made changes to their API which has not yet been updated in the current version of the plugin. The plugin has been tested using Unity version 2019.2.6f1, please try with a version of Unity similar to this.

I cannot import DXF files

Make sure that the DXF file you are tryign to import have the file ending .dxf2. The DXF file needs this file ending because Unity has a default importer for the .dxf file ending which is impossible to override.

My deform patterns are not visualized

The scale of the DXF file you imported might be very large or very small, and thus might not be visible without zooming in/out.