Installation of the Unreal plugin

This page explains the process of adding the plugin to an Unreal project, and how to test that the installation was successful.

System requirements

To use the Unreal plugin, you will need the following:

  1. A computer running Microsoft Windows 10
  2. A CUDA-capable NVIDIA graphics card


In the root folder of your Unreal project, create a folder called Plugins. Drag the DeformPlugin folder into the Plugins folder you just created. Make sure you are not running the Unreal project while doing this.

Verifying the installation

To verify that the installation was successful, try running the levels under DeformPlugin Content > Levels > Demos. If you can't find DeformPlugin Content in the Content Browser, make sure you have the view option Show Plugin Content enabled. Also, make sure you show the sources panel by pressing the button in the top left of the Content Browser.

Enabling input

To use the orbital camera which is included in the plugin, you have to use the correct key bindings. To do this, go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Engine -> Input and press Import. Import the DeformInput.ini file which is included in the package.

Quick start

Now that you have installed the Deform Plugin and verified that it is working, you can get started creating your own simulations. We recommend that you read the first tutorial on the tutorials page: Getting started